An “I” Day ode!!!

I, mine, my family, my business, my job, my life are my priority

I want my leaders to think always about the country

I don’t want to become a leader

I get frustrated with the conduct of my leader

I don’t go out to vote on the Election Day

I feel upset on National matters when I don’t have a say

I cast my vote when I do based on caste

I am manic when my country is ranked last

I arrive at my own time

I expect my netas to be on time

I spit anywhere in the streets of Mumbai

I want my city to be another Shanghai

I don’t want to form a line when I’m in the front

I expect others to form a line when I’m behind

I jump the signal when I don’t sight a cop in my land

I follow every signal when I’m in foreign land

I bribe the cop when I get caught

I get vociferous when on corruption charges my leaders are caught

I don’t feel like following any discipline

I get angry when netas in the parliament show indiscipline

I demand world class infrastructure from my government

I burn public buses to show my ire at the government

I seldom respect women at home

I am very upset with my country’s “Woman is item” syndrome

I try my best to “save” my tax

I get irritated when crorepati businessmen “evade” tax

I yearn for my leaders to rise above petty politics

I forget that my leaders are like me

I reflect on all this on “I” Day

I forget all this the next day

I get what I deserve

I deserve what I get